PUBG Script

The most powerful and undetectable script of the year 2020 for PUBG

0 bans since we started in December 2017, features like DBZ mode, no recoil, rapid fire, custom profile and much more ...

How can it help you win ?


The DBZ feature makes you look like a ninja dodging 80% of bullets when you are looting ennemies or healing yourself


The "No Recoil"  feature allows you to shoot straight ahead in your ennemy's heart thanks to avoid 95% of the recoil 


You shoot with a UZI's rate... but with every weapons ! Just maintain  the left click and enjoy your game


Using middlemouse button, you will be able to shoot in a certain fixed interval, allowing you a maximum precision on long shots


The feature you needed ! It will avoid you to get headshoted by a random kar98 while you are fighting behind a tree/corner


You can use the script while you are streaming, it is impossible to notice

And more to come ...

What can make PUBG Script Different ?

We don't touch the source files of BattleEye. In other way, they don't have the capability to know that you are cheating. It's as simply as that. We are constantly developing the script based on many differents languages covering the gameplay layout.  

How do we prove that ? We have hundreds of customers and noone has been banned since we started. That's it.

0 player banned

How does it work ?

  • 1
    You start your script
  • 2
    You launch PUBG
  • 3
    You configure the settings in the script and in game
  • 4
    You have the possibility to set up differents profiles before playing
  • 5
    Enjoy !

Few videos of the features

Rapid Fire

   Shoot with every weapon in SINGLE MODE with the fire rate that you always wanted.

Automatic shooting

For the long range shot, you can hold the shot button to shoot in a perfect lap of time with every sniper rifles and assault rifles.

No Recoil

In addition of of rapid fire, there is no more recoil. You can easily set  up your configuration for 4 weapons. 

Waving Mode

You can use the waving mode to dodge shots like a pro. This is particulary effective behind a tree.

Focus on your strategy 

With this script, you can finally focus on what is matter in this game : Strategy. 

Instead of wasting time getting upset with lags servers, trying to set up your mouse to shoot faster or doing some nonsense moves, let the script do all that and enjoy your game, for real.

How do I get my script ?





Choose one of the solutions

​Contact us on Discord

and purchase your script

After we receive the payment, we will send you your credentials for your member account and the link to connect

Follow the instructions in your account's home page to install the script

If you have any question, please send us an email to or see the forum


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30€ once

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    All features
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20€ once

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    All features
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    Account access
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If you have any questions with the process, see "How do I get my script ?"

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